* Hailing from the Boulevard houses in the East New York section of Brooklyn; Big East developed a passion for lyricism early on. His gifts became an outlet, enabling him to escape the tough times during his child hood. Big East attributes his inspiration of music  to hip hop artist such as Jada Kiss, Jay-Z and the late Biggie Smalls.
* East’ performances started in the very backyard of his stomping grounds. He would perform on playgrounds, at the local night clubs, gymnasiums, you name it. Big East left no scene untouched.
* As his presence grew, East’ undeniable energy as well as his ability to make the crowd shake from pure enjoyment, sparked a fire that has yet to be calmed. Ultimately Big East has managed to build a reputation as one of the hottest MC’s in the Brooklyn area.
*  While he may have initiated himself into the music game at the age of 13, it didn’t hinder his ability to understand that there is a business aspect to his talents as well. Big East takes great pride in his ability to navigate and control all aspects of his career.
* To know East is to relate with real life situations, to remain loyal to your team and staying absolutely true to who you are. May his humble beginnings and dedication become an aspiration for years to come.